Portal vein thrombosis


Portal vein thrombosis (PVT) is a vascular disease of the liver that occurs when a blood clot occurs in the hepatic portal vein, leading to increased pressure in the portal vein system and reduced blood supply to the liver.

Inciting Causes

Clinical Features


  • Upper abdominal pain developing suddenly or progressing over a few days
  • Possibly accompanied by nausea, hepatomegaly, splenomegaly; may be accompanied by persistent non-spiking fever in the setting of systemic inflammation
  • Other signs/symptoms based on underlying cause (e.g. bleeding disorders, hepatic stigmata if due to cirrhosis)
  • May be clinically silent in a portion of patients and diagnosed incidentally during a CT exam for other reasons (e.g. acute pancreatitis)


  • Often asymptomatic; incidental finding on imaging
  • Associated with portal hypertension

Differential Diagnosis


  • Typically diagnosed on abdominal CT with contrast
  • Filling defect on Doppler ultrasound
  • EGD to assess for gastric/esophageal varices if chronic PVT




  • In non-cirrhotic or hypercoagulable, anticoagulation after screening for varices
  • Anticoagulate patients with cirrhosis AND 1) thrombophilia, 2) clot extension in mesenteric veins, or 3) bowel ischemia
  • If severe, may require shunt, liver transplant, or bowel resection


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