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SAEM FOAMed Excellence in Education Award; 2019

SAEM recognizes Dr. Donaldson, WikEM's founder and Editor in Chief, with it's inaugural "FOAMed Excellence in Education Award." This award recognized WikEM as a key part of the FOAMed and open access medicine movements.

Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association; 27 April 2016

JAMIA publishes, "Development and usage of wiki-based software for point-of-care emergency medical information," a full research paper outlining the development of WikEM, "the world’s largest open-access emergency medicine secondary resource."

Techzoya; February 3, 2016

WikEM is the number one app on their "Top 10 Emergency Medicine Apps for iPhone and Android" list. Enough said!

Annals of Emergency Medicine; August, 2015

Annals article about which mobile medical applications work best in the Emergency Department lists WikEM as one of their "Top 10."

The Osmosis Blog; July 6, 2015 interviews the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of WikEM, as part their Leaders in Medical Education series. Read some of the history behind how WikEM started.

“If anything should be free and open in this world, then certainly the knowledge to care for your fellow human during an emergency has to be on the top of that list.

Over the last six years, [WikEM has] gone from having just a few people accessing the site per day to tens of thousands of sessions per month with over 100,000 downloads of the app to date. WikEM is now the most popular emergency medicine-specific application in the world and is open to all medical providers across the globe to help edit, as a key open access resource. We can now take that life-saving knowledge off the pedestal and put it for free into the countless hands of providers working at bedsides around the globe."

Annals of Emergency Medicine; April, 2015

"The authors would like to thank the OpenEM Foundation for the substantial work that they have done in creating WikEM and encourage the readers of Annals of Emergency Medicine to use and contribute to this resource."

Brent Thoma, MD, MA
Nikita Joshi, MD
Teresa Chan, MD
Michelle Lin, MD

Annals of Emergency Medicine; April, 2015

"WikEM, supported by the nonprofit OpenEM Foundation, provides a way for medical practitioners to organize online content and cross-reference clinical information...[and] is by far the largest emergency medicine wiki...

Blogs, podcasts, videocasts, social networks, and custom search engines are all important resources for stimulating research discussion and improving medical education. However...the wiki is a key social media tool to organize and summarize this growing body of online information. It also has the added benefit of providing easy access to consensus information in the middle of a shift, allowing clinicians to provide better care while at the bedside." http://doi:10.1016/j.annemergmed.2014.12.017

Annals of Emergency Medicine; January 2015[1]

"...the opportunity for residents from around the world to do so through the WikEM elective, which is organized through the OpenEM Foundation and endorsed by the American Academy of Emergency Medicine Resident and Student Association"

ACiL TIP; December 24th, 2014

An analysis of internet popularity finds WikEM to be the 8th most popular emergency medicine website in 2014

iMedialApps; September 23, 2014

Names WikEM as one of the "Top 10 Emergency Medicine Apps"; May 14, 2014

Names WikEM as one of the top "100 helpful trauma sites to bookmark"

Online LPN to RN; April 23, 2014

Includes WikEM in their "Guide to Terrific Apps Every Nurse Should Be Using."

AgileMD Blog; March 12, 2014

AgileMD writes is "humbled to be a part of WikEM's efforts to provide high-quality, practical, free, open medical knowledge to all clinicians." Read more at:

BMJ; February 3, 2014

BMJ highlights WikEM alongside a few other fantastic international resources that offer “Medical education for anyone, anywhere, anytime”. Read more at:

PAs Connect; November 14, 2013

Names WikEM as one of the "Top 5 Emergency Medicine Apps for PA Students"

"Doctors Use Social For Continuous Medical Education." Information Week; September 18, 2013

Mentions WikEM as a tool for lowering the cost of education and keeping instruct up to date.

Life in the Fast Lane; February 8, 2013

"This app is easy to use, easy to update and has vast swathes of content." Read more at:

iMedicalApps; January 10, 2013

"As emergency medicine resources go, [WikEM] is a comprehensive collection of useful notes related to a range of specialties...Residents and medical students will find this app particularly useful for its broad range of content and concise high-yield facts." Read more at:

Drinking Water from a Fire Hose: A PA blog; October 29, 2012

"Highly recommend" WikEM to all PA students.

Teach, MD; January 25, 2012

Teach, MD talks about the importance of SOPA, open information and WikEM. Read about it at:

Cal-ACEP Lifeline; February 7, 2011

The California Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians (Cal/ACEP) puts WikEM top on their list of key iPhone Apps for Emergency Medicine. Read more at

Emergency Medicine News; April 2010

EM News calls for all EM residency programs to start editing on WikEM. Read more at:


Dr. Joe Lex interviewed on The SGEM Podcast describe WikEM as the the EM textbook and curriculum of the future

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