Pruritic papular eruption of HIV


  • Most common rash of HIV[1]
  • Presenting symptom of HIV in up to ~80% cases
  • 3x more common when CD4 count < 200
  • Up to 46% of HIV patients have this rash at some time of disease course
  • Diagnosis of exclusion

Clinical Features

Intensely pruritic papular rash with greatest severity on the extensor surfaces of extremities.
Pruritic papular eruptions as presenting illness of HIV.
Pruritic papular lesions on hands.
  • Pruritic
  • Diffusely, symmetrically distributed rash
    • Discrete red bumps initially
    • Extremities/trunk > face
    • Mucous membrane sparing

Differential Diagnosis

HIV associated conditions


  • Appropriate clinical setting



  • Outpatient dermatology follow up
  • Average time for recurrence of skin condition ~8 wks


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