Seborrheic keratosis


  • In itself benign, no treatment necessary

Clinical Features

Multiple seborrheic keratoses on the dorsum of a patient with Leser–Trélat sign.
  • Light tan to black rash
  • Round, oval
  • Flat to elevated, verrucous
  • Velvety, waxy, "stuck-on" appearance

Leser-Trelat Sign[1]

  • Requires follow up for malignancy workup
  • New onset diffuse lesions
  • Tends towards trunk by may involve:
    • Neck
    • Axilla
    • Groin
  • Associated with other paraneoplastic derm signs:
    • Malignant acanthosis nigricans (more classically associated with internal malignancy)
    • Florid cutaneous papillomatosis
    • Eruptive capillary angiomas

Differential Diagnosis

Dark raised skin lesions




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