Suggest a software improvement


  • Android version
    • Make it so the "category" section, is automatically updated when new categories are made
      • For example, the current Android categories do not include EBQ and GEMC and Resources categories
  • Add partitions (e.g. using namespaces, so that non-general data is downloaded only upon request
    • For example, we could have separate sections for programs that requested it (e.g. the Harbor Admin section)
      • This would be downloaded, only if you additionally selected this option on the app
      • Thus, everyone would have the general content and their program's content (if desired), but not other programs' content that they might not want
  • Add ability to change from metric to English (Imperial) units
  • Add wiki-calculator ability?
  • Add CME credit (like UpToDate)
  • Run a bot to update wikilinks of commonly used notes (