Suprapubic catheter changing or replacement




Equipment Needed


Using sterile procedure


  1. Identify appropriate size catheter (past catheter size, if available)
  2. Open standard Foley kit (catheters are the same as standard Foley catheters)
    • Attach Foley to drainage catheter, if not already attached
  3. Apply lubricant liberally to the first two inches of the catheter tip
    • There is no longer a need to test the catheter balloon prior to procedure and this is no longer recommended by the manufacturer
  4. Attach syringe to inflation port of new catheter (normally 10cc of normal saline)
  5. Sterile prep including of patient and old catheter (if present)

Old Catheter Deflation (if still present)

  • Have assistant (or wear a second pair of gloves for this part, if you have no assistant):
    1. Deflate balloon of old catheter
    2. Remove old catheter (you may feel some mild resistance. If you are sure the balloon is fully deflated, it’s alright to give it a little tug).
      • Note how far old catheter length was inside patient
      • If you had no assistant, remove first pair of gloves afterwards
      • Afterwards, move to next step quickly to minimize time that there is no catheter in fistula site

Insertion of New Catheter

  1. Pick up the pre-lubricated catheter and insert it.
    • Only push it in just slightly further than previous catheter was in
  2. Wait until urine flows freely to confirm that catheter is in the correct position
  3. Keep holding the catheter in position and slowly inflate the balloon with 8cc of sterile water
    • Immediately stop if the patient has significant pain during inflation and insert the Foley further


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