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  • For 5 days or until the time of hospital discharge, whichever comes first.
  • Indication[1]
    • SpO2≤94% on ambient air (at sea level) or requiring supplemental oxygen via low flow device
    • There is insufficient data to recommend for or against use in patients using high flow oxygen, mechanical ventilation or ECMO (NIH COVID-19 Guidelines).
  • Contraindications[2]
    • Alanine transaminase or aspartate transaminase >5 times the upper limit of normal
    • Creatinine clearance of <30 mL/minute
      • Can be considered in patients with calculated creatinine clearance of <30 mL/minute and in patients receiving hemodialysis if the benefits outweigh the risk (limited data).
      • At this time, there are no recommended dose adjustments for this patient population.
    • Pediatric patients 3.5kg to 12 years of age; should not be given if ALT is >10 times normal.[3]
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