Template:Empiric Treatment for Unstable Neonates

Empiric Treatment for Unstable Neonates

Medication/Intervention Indication Dose/Size (for neonate)
Glucose Hypoglycemia 5–10 mL/kg of 10% dextrose in water IV
3% normal saline Symptomatic hyponatremia 3–5 mL/kg bolus IV
Calcium Hypocalcemia 50–100 milligrams/kg calcium gluconate or 20 milligrams/kg calcium chloride IV
Cefotaxime Infection 50 milligrams/kg IV
Ampicillin Infection 50 milligrams/kg IV
Gentamicin Infection 2.5 milligrams/kg IV
Packed red blood cells Anemia 10 mL/kg IV
Normal saline Hypotension, dehydration 5-10 mL/kg IV aliquots (up to 60-80 mL/kg)
10% dextrose in one fourth normal saline Metabolic disease 1.5 maintenance (6 mL/kg/h for the first 10 kg)
Endotracheal intubation Hypoventilation or frequent apnea <3mm for preemie; 3mm for term neonate, 3.5mm for older infant; cuffed tube prefered if not premature