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Factor Xa Inhibitor Reversal

Anticoagulant Half-life Removed by HD Strategies to reverse or minimize anticoagulant effects
Apixaban[1] (Eliquis®) 8-15 hrs (longer in renal impairment) No
  • If ingested within 2 hours, administer activated charcoal
  • 4-factor PCC (Kcentra™)^
    • 25units/kg—max 2500 units for treatment of documented intracranial hemorrhage
    • 50 units/kg—max 5000 units for all other life-threatening bleeds
Edoxaban[2] (Savaysa®) 10-14 hrs (longer in renal impairment) ~ 25% As above
Rivaroxaban[3] (Xarelto®) 9-13 hrs (longer in renal impairment) No As above
Fondaparinux (Arixtra®) 17-21 hrs (significantly longer in renal impairment) No 4-factor PCC (Kcentra™)^ 50 units/kg—max 5000 units


Andexanet alfa

FDA approved in May 2018, limited availability June 2018

  • Cost is $20,000 to $55,000 per dose
  • Trial that led to FDA approval does not have the most sound evidence behind it [4]:
    • Prospective single center single group study of 352 patients receiving a Factor Xa Inhibitor (apixaban, rivaroxaban, edoxaban, enoxaparin) with life threatening bleed (those with expected survival <1 month were excluded).
    • Anti-Factor Xa activity was decreased in all groups. 82% were judged to have excellent hemostatic control. 14% mortality rate at 30 days.
    • No comparison group available. It is unlikely that following anti-Factor Xa activity as a lab value is clinically important. High mortality rate even after excluding sick patients.

Low Dose

400 mg IV bolus at rate of ~30 mg/minute, followed 2 minutes later by 4 mg/minute for up to 120 minutes

High Dose

800 mg IV bolus at rate of ~30 mg/minute, followed 2 minutes later by 8 mg/minute for up to 120 minutes

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