Template:Neonatal conjunctivitis treatment



  • Watchful waiting

Gonococcal (onset 2-4 days)

  • Cefotaxime 100mg/kg IV or IM OR ceftriaxone 25-50mg/kg IV or IM x1 (not to exceed 125mg)
    • Cefotaxime is preferred because it does not displace bilirubin
    • Disseminated disease should be suspected until CSF is negative
    • Treat mother and partners
    • Irrigate eyes with saline (topical antibiotics are insufficient and unnecessary)

Chlamydia (onset 5-10 days)

  • Erythromycin ophthalmic ointment plus one of the following
  • Disease manifests 5 days post-birth to 2 weeks (late onset)

Herpetic (onset 6-14 days)

  • Acyclovir 20mg/kg IV q8hr x 14-21d
  • Topical antiviral
  • Do not give steroids
  • Full neonatal sepsis evaluation
  • Immediate ophtho consult