Achilles tendon.
  • Tendonitis (aka "tendinitis" or "tendinopathy") is an inflammation or irritation of a tendon
  • Commonly occurs in athletes or middle-aged (or older) patients
  • Associated with excessive strain, repetitive trauma, or unaccustomed exercise
  • Fluoroquinolone antibiotics and statins may increase risk for tendinopathy[1]

Tendinopathy Types

Clinical Features

  • Pain w/ movement, particularly at the insertion site.
  • Mild swelling

Differential Diagnosis


Physical Exam

Exam techniques vary based on specific tendinopathy


  • Consider labs if concern for infection:
    • CBC
    • CRP/ESR


  • Ultrasound
    • May aid the diagnosis
    • Findings include tendon disruption, increased blood flow, hypoechoic areas, or tendon thickening
  • X-Ray
    • Consider if concern for fracture, foreign body, or avulsion injury
  • MRI
    • Not frequently used in ED; may be used by specialist or in outpatient setting


  • Treatment specific to type of tendinopathy
  • General management for acute, movement-based tendinopathies:
  • Consider:
    • Physical therapy referral
    • Oral steroids


  • Most patients with tendinopathy can be discharged safely from the ED
  • Admit patients who may benefit from hospitalization or surgery (infection, associated fracture, tendon rupture)

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