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Hey Ben, you're eligible to become a WikEM Assistant Editor. Just put up a bio page (with a picture like the other editors) and make sure you are signed up for the Slack site (email if you're not). Ross Donaldson (talk) 15:46, 15 September 2015 (UTC)


Thanks for the helpful edits! I made a couple of changes to the SAH page in regards to your referencing. For next time, the easy way to link a ref with a fact in the body of the article is pasted below. Keep up the good work!

Footnote Referencing

  • Add the tags <ref>and </ref>on either side of the journal citation
  • Place the tag <references/> at the bottom of the article in the Sources Section for auto-generated footnotes
  • References follow a 1 author AMA style: Spencer J. et al. Physician, heal thyself – but not on your own please. Med Educ. 2005; 89: 548-549.
  • References should utilize primary literature whenever possible.
  • Secondary and Tertiary (textbook) sources are permitted however they must be clearly referenced and follow the AMA style guide.